Hey Adora: A Queer SheRa Podcast

0.04: Race In SPOP

January 11, 2022

Meff & Jenny chat with Head Sorceress Shawn in our inaugural dialogue on race & SPOP. It's gonna get wicked nerdy.

Head Sorceress Shawn is a playwright, author, and a huge nerd. She is the creator and facilitator of the Queer Women's Torah Workshop. Her debut collection of story-poems, The Red Door, was a semi-finalist for the Cave Canem Poetry Prize, and will soon be published by Ben Yehuda Press. 

Her non-fiction writing about living at the intersection of Black and Jewish has been featured in Tablet Magazine and the Tribe-Herald. She is currently developing Project Tzimtzum, inspired by theater and role-playing games. Project Tzimtzum aims to create spaces for playing, dreaming, learning, and making within the Jewish world and beyond. 

Shawn can be found on Twitter @ProjectTzimtzum

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