Hey Adora: A Queer SheRa Podcast

0.03: Best of Catradora

May 13, 2021

*CW: Discussion of childhood trauma and abuse as pertains to the Catradora story arc.*
Why hello, and happy Catradora month to YOU. To celebrate the first anniversary of the couple whose gay-ass kiss saved the universe, we present to you a BEST OF CATRADORA bonus ep! Jenny sits down with our awesome producer Ashley to try to gay-process the entire Catradora journey in one sitting. Whew! Bring water.

*Episodes Discussed:

1.01: The Sword Pt 1

1.02: The Sword Pt 2

1.08: Princess Prom

1.11: Promise

3.05: Remember

3.06: The Portal

5.03: Corridors

5.05: Save the Cat

5.06: Taking ControlĀ 

5.08: Shot in the Dark

5.11: Failsafe

5.12: The Heart Pt 1

5.13: The Heart Pt 2

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